Big Berkey black ceramic elements with arsenic / fluoride add-on elements
Big Berkey was by far the best-performing gravity water filter we tested, achieving near-total removal of all toxic elements when used with the attached arsenic / fluoride filters (which attach underneath the black ceramic filters).

Product assembly was straightforward and simple, and all the parts in the unit worked reliably.

Reduction of elements by Big Berkey:

Aluminum: 86.6%
Copper: 100.0%
Arsenic: 100.0%
Strontium: 100.0%
Cadmium: 100.0%
Cesium: 98.6%
Mercury: 99.8%
Lead: 100.0%
Uranium: 100.0%


When it comes to reliable removal of toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and even uranium, Big Berkey is the best performing gravity water filter available on the market today.

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